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Active Ingredient: Furosemide
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Furosemide is a type of a medicine that belongs to a class of loop diuretics. Its main effect is the excreting of salt from a human body. It is used by patients who suffer from nephrotic syndrome of kidneys and liver, fluid retention and congestive heart failures. It is also very effective for reduction of the blood pressure.

Product Description

Side effects: How to Avoid and What to do if you Experience Them

Furosemide (Lasix) can cause a number of side effects if you do not use it due to a prescription or take it as a part of self-treatment. The group of common side effects contains the following symptoms:

  • muscle trembling;
  • headache;
  • blurred vision.

There is a number of more serious side effects caused by an allergic reaction on some of the medicine’s elements:

  • hearing disorders;
  • liver disorders (dark urine);
  • frightening and panic symptoms;
  • weakness;
  • the combination of a sore throat, skin rashes, eyes burning.

Such symptoms dont give a time for wasting; you should call a doctor as far as you get them. Old-aged patients may get an increased protein binding and decreased renal function.

List of Precautions: Take a Look before Starting a Treatment

There is a number of illnesses that does not allow taking Furosemide (Lasix) as it may intensify them. Inform your doctor in case you have:

  • Kidney diseases
  • High level of cholesterol
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Diabetes
  • Allergy for sulfa drugs

There is no research that shows how the medicine influences unborn children, yet it is known that it may lower the production of breast milk and comes through with milk too. Be sure that you are taking the appropriate amount of water and forget about alcohol, as it increases the risk of side effects. The treatment has to be stopped immediately only when there are signs of severe side effects, otherwise it has to be as long as your doctor has prescribed.

The Average Adult Dosages at Different Diseases

A patient who has ascites has to take 20-40mg every 6-8 hours daily, the maximum dosage cannot be higher than 600mg. The same dosage is prescribed for edema, hypertension, non-obstructive oliguria and congestive heart failures. In case one does not feel any positive effect, the dose can be repeated in two hours.

Unsafe Interactions with other Drugs

The effect of Furosemide is greatly lowered by all drugs that have calming and sleepy effect. These are:

  • antidepressants;
  • muscle relaxation pills;
  • sleeping pills.

The harmful effect on kidneys is increased if you mix up Lasix with:

  • chemotherapy;
  • antibiotic injections;
  • osteoporosis medications;
  • transplanted organs rejection preventers.

This list is not completed, for more information you have to consult a doctor or study the guide.

How to Act in Case of Overdose or Dose Missing

Avoid doubling of a dose when one is missed and it’s almost high time for the second dose, yet you may take one if not too much time has passed.

The main symptoms of overdosing include as follows:

  • fainting and weakness;
  • hotness and thirsty throat;
  • sweating.

As far as you feel some of these, dont wait for complications, call a doctor using a hot line – 911.

Rules of Safe Storage

The basic rules of storing Lasix are the same as about all other drugs. It is a dry, dark place, with middle temperature and far away from kids. Storing in an inappropriate place may cause a fast spoiling of the medicine.

Want to Save Money? Buy Furosemide Generics

Actually, generics are the same drugs, providing the same effect, yet they are named differently and dont lie under a license law, which makes them cheaper and also gives a possibility to buy Furosemide without prescription. Generics are legal, so they can be found in usual drug stores.

Try Buying Furosemide Online, Stay Up to Date

Online drug shops have become extremely popular and demanded for the last years. They provide with a long range of official medicines and their generics. If you want to buy Lasix online, just visit our online drug store, choose it as a desirable product and do a payment. Usually, delivering will not take more than 10 working days.


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