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Triangle Xanax

Active Ingredient: Alprazolam
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Ensure a relief of anxiety symptoms with Xanax (Alprazolam). Get the pills prescribed and let no depression spoil your life.

Product Description

Xanax (Alprazolam) is one of the benzodiazepine-class meds with tranquilizing properties suitable for the treatment of panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression. The medicine tends to have an antidepressant potential and ensures a short-term, yet impressive effect.

Triangle Xanax: Color and Shape

As the name suggests, the medication is recognized due to its triangle shape and the enclosed circle. Every pill has the 3 and X marking on the sides. They stand for 3 mg of Alprazolam (Xanax (X) is the brand name). There are some other imprints that a user can come across when making an order. The imprint type depends on a manufacturer. However, the triangle shape is what remains in every case.

First Xanax triangles were light green. Lately, there have appeared white pills, too. The latter ones don’t have the colorants in their content, which is why they remain white. As for green triangle Xanax, the color is achieved thanks to a safe colorant.

How to Take It?

Most patients need to start with low doses like 0.25-0.5 mg taken three times every day. In time, the dosage can be slowly increased under doctor’s recommendations (up to 4 mg administered during 24 hours). The 3 mg dosage of green triangle Xanax is typically prescribed to patients, who suffer from severe panic disorders. The sufferers normally take from 3 to 10 mg every day to cope with their condition and get back to normal life.

Crashing and splitting these pills is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the use of alcohol and other drugs along. When taking a pill, have a full glass of water.

Who Manufactures Xanax Today?

Regular pills are manufactured by Pfizer, Upjohn, Actavis, Purepac Pharmaceutical and Mylan. But it’s not the case when you buy triangle Xanax.

Pfizer US Pharmaceutical group has designed a green 3 mg Xanax triangle. They are light green with a standard company’s marking 3 and X on the sides (it’s easy to understand what these markings stand for). Another company has joined the list of manufacturers: Greenstone Limited. Its pills are labeled as G3 and feature the same shape and a light green coloration.

How to Buy Xanax Online?

Why do people choose to buy triangle Xanax online? The reasons are clear: it’s easy, safe and private. When there’s a free minute, you don’t need to rush to the nearest store and stand in long lines. It is easier to spend several minutes when ordering from the comfort of your home.

We are proud of providing really exceptional features and services when offering different Xanax types:

  • Privacy every time when addressing your health problem;
  • Absence of consultation fees;
  • Time and money economy;
  • Easy and quick ordering process thanks to an easy-to-use and appealing interface;
  • High-quality drugs from known manufacturers;
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We offer multiple options for your effective treatment. It’s time to use them.


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