School bus Xanax
Model School bus Xanax

School Bus Xanax

Active Ingredient: Alprazolam
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Facilitate yourself with Xanax (Alprazolam) when you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Choose the right pill color and shape, and start the treatment process.

Product Description

Xanax (Alprazolam) is a widely-offered benzodiazepine that works affecting patient’s chemicals in the brain when they are unbalanced. It promises short-term recovery from panic or/and anxiety disorders, depression, and stress. There are some unlisted purposes, too.

School Buses Xanax: Color and Shape

Xanax school bus pills differ from other drugs by their shape: it is prolonged and resembles a school bus. So, it explains where the name comes from. A single pill contains 2 mg of the active ingredient (Alprazolam) and is prescribed for mild and/or severe cases of mental disorder.

A tablet has three splitting parts and imprints – R O 3 9. Its color is yellow and is achieved thanks to colorants that are also called secondary inactive ingredients.

How to Take It?

As the shape of yellow school buses Xanax suggests, the pills should be divided into three parts for separate intakes. In most cases, a healthcare provider prescribes 0.75-1.5 mg of the drug per day. The dose must be equally divided among three intakes.

When a patient has to deal with severe panic attacks, he/she may have up to 10 mg a day. However, a starting dose should be low for all patients. Any increase or decrease is to be discussed with a physician to avoid possible complications and adverse reactions.

Adjusted doses are a must in following cases:

  • A patient suffers from epilepsy and/or seizures;
  • There’s a kidney or/and liver disease treated;
  • A sufferer has a history of severe depression and suicidal ideas;
  • One has a history of alcohol or/and drugs dependence in the family;
  • A patient suffers from a breathing disorder, especially asthma.

Pregnant women are never prescribed yellow school bus Xanax. Its regular consumption may lead to birth defects in a baby as well as dependence in a mother. Besides, withdrawal symptoms are usually very threatening for a child, too.

Who Manufactures Xanax Today?

The current manufacturer of yellow school bus Xanax is Actavis Company. Companies like Pfizer, Mylan or Purepac Pharmaceutical are known for offering round and oval pills, while a prolonged form with three splitting divisions is a trade shape of Actavis.

How to Buy School Bus Xanax Online?

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