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Green Football Xanax

Active Ingredient: Alprazolam
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Why not treat your anxiety effectively this time? Get Xanax (Alprazolam) prescribed to cope with your mental disorders and everyday stress.

Product Description

Xanax (Alprazolam) has managed to become a popular benzodiazepine for a fast and effective easing of severe distress and panic attacks symptoms. Thanks to impressive sedative properties, it has already become attractive to users from around the globe. You can soon become one of them.

Green Xanax: Color and Shape

When you order Alprazolam, you often ask, “Which color is it”, don’t you? A regular buyer knows that Xanax colors tell everything he/she needs to known about the dosage and the strength of the medication. Green oval shaped Xanax is regarded as one of the strongest options. At least, it is stronger than white pills.

As well as any other pills, this type has Alprazolam as its main ingredient. The green color is achieved due to colorants that are treated as secondary ingredients. The market offers round, oval, triangular, and green Xanax footballs (rectangular). The production of these meds is very high these days.

An average dose of green pills is 2-3 mg. Tablets with doses 3 mg can be very dangerous and this is exactly why we insist on taking them only according to doctor’s prescription. Any dosage increase or decrease should be discussed with an expert, too.  The minimum dose that may be prescribed these days is 0.25 mg. However, practice shows that it’s not enough to deal with anxiety or depression even in their mild forms.

How to Take Green Xanax Footballs?

Start with the lowest dose and increase it slowly once in 3-4 days until you reach the prescribed point. The same goes for the drug take-off: make sure it is gradual. People over 60 may be prescribed Xanax green footballs as well, yet in their case, the dose will be smaller because of the aging process and the inability of the body systems to effectively cope with the large amounts of chemicals at once.

Who Manufactures Xanax Today?

Don’t rely on colors and shapes only when ordering Alprazolam. As long as there are different manufacturers, the pills differ, too. Today there are medications designed and produced by Mylan, Pfizer, Purepac Pharmaceutical, Actavis, and Upjohn.

Pfizer Corporation remains the most known one and wide-spread. Statistics shows that its pills are bought more often than those of others. Yet still, there’s no evidence that their effects are more impressive or adverse reactions are absent.

How to Buy Green Football Xanax Online?

Unfortunately, there are many patients, who need pills and still hesitate to buy green football Xanax online. The reality is such that online stores have already become the part of everyday shopping, including that for treatment needs. We have joined the list and became a reliable partner every time you need to order Alprazolam on the web.

We ensure the high quality of medications we sell as well as the safety of your personal and financial data and complete anonymity. In addition, our regular clients enjoy discounts and fast delivery whenever a purchase is made. Join us to get the best shopping experience.


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